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  • 1. You spend money on an asset that grows in value over time.
  • 2. A property is a lucrative asset – it always appreciates in value.
  • 3. Owning a home puts you in a good financial position for the future.
  • 4. You are able to make repairs, alterations to the property and truly make it your own.
  • 5. Australia’s lenders are aggressively competing for business – they want to finance your property dreams at a good interest rate.
Consideration of Owing a property
  • 1. Purchasing the property isn’t the only expense – consider maintenance fees, bills & repair.
  • 2. When property values surge, you may be forced to buy where you can afford and not ideally where you’d like to live.
  • 3. Costs associated with buying a property can be significant – Lenders Mortgage Insurance, solicitor’s fees, conveyancing fees, pest and building inspections.
  • 4. Buying a property requires a significant deposit, which may take years and considerable sacrifices.
Steps to buying a property
  • 1. Plan your budget to see how much you can afford to repay, and set a plan to start saving for a deposit.
  • 2. Meet our Red Tie Mortgage broker to discuss your finance options and work out how much you can borrow.
  • 3. Work with your Red Tie Mortgage broker to select the right loan for you and request loan pre- approval. Your broker will take care of the application and paperwork.
  • 4. Let the fun commence! You now get to search for your new home, safe in the knowledge of how much you can afford to spend.
  • 5. Organize building and pest or strata inspection on the home of your choice.
  • 6. To buy through a real estate agent, make an offer and begin negotiating on price. To buy at auction, place a bid and hold your nerve!
  • 7. Once an offer has been accepted, contracts are signed and exchanged. At this stage, you will pay your deposit, usually 10% of the purchase price.
  • 8. You now have a few days to change your mind about the purchase. If you back out, you may forfeit some of your deposit. There are regional differences in cooling-off periods, and if you have bought at auction, you won’t have the option. Auction purchases are final!
  • 9. Settlement usually occurs four to six weeks following the exchange of contracts. The keys are handed over, and you are officially a home-owner.
  • 10. This is the moment when all your hard work pays off. You can finally move into your new home and get settled. No more renting – you live in your own home at last!

finance news

  • Changes to Living Expenses check, check with your broker.
  • 1 month statement of each credit card required under new lending.
  • Banks offering up to $1250 as cash back on new refinancing home loan.*
  • Interest rates on hold but lending guidelines getting tougher each day.
  • You can save on an average $82000 by switching from a major bank.*
  • Broker channel is still the most popular way to get the best deals.